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 Privacy Policy - Spain Paranormal apps.

This privacy policy applies only to Spain Paranormal apps acquired through the only legitimate channel, which is Google Play Store. Downloading our apps from any other site is dangerous and we are not responsible for any problem, since they do not come from our company.

None of our apps access, collect, storage, distribute or share any personal user data in any way.

Our apps SP EMF meter (standard and pro) access camera of your phone to use the frontal proximity sensor, not to take any picture but to use proximity detector function.

All our apps with echo function (echosound extension Javier Sanz©2018) need to access the microphone of your phone not to record or listen to you but to make the realtime echo redirecting microphone input to your speaker.

Finally all our apps are really free, because dont contain ads, so we earn no money, but have the satisfaction of our users worldwide.

Spain Paranormal disclaimer:

No one can guarantee spiritual communication, our work is based on our own theories and experiences
Our apps could open doors to other dimension. Talk with spirits is a serious thing and is not free of danger. Take in mind it can affect you in many ways and it could change your life. Spain Paranormal is not responsible of any effect (good or bad) for using it if you have success and contact "them". Dont use our apps like a toy, because this tools are made for serious investigators that know well the risks of paranormal.
Best regards.
Javier Sanz
Spain Paranormal Developments.

Antivirus alert issues with some security apps.

 Spain Paranormal developments guarantee to our users, that our apps dont have any type of virus or malware, neither collect any personal data in anyway.

Some security apps are giving false warnings about malware or virus to some users of our apps (mainly on rooted devices with kingroot manager).

We cant solve that alerts or warnings issues, that correspond to the company or developer of the antivirus app or security suite, but we think it could be caused when our ghost boxes need to access, to work properly, certain components of the device where are installed.

You can be confident, your phone is safe when using our apps.

Best regards

Spain Paranormal Developments announcement:

Althought we always try to make our apps to work correctly with any android device, there are sometimes we cant achieve it. Thats the case with Samsung, some models do not work with some of our applications. We did not find another explanation that is probably due to some roms/bios that mounted some telephones since the last updates of the system what is giving problems. This issue dont affect all Samsung models, and models affected fail with 1 app or 2. We apologize to the users affected.

Best Regards.

Javier Sanz.


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